About us

ARQ Centrum’45 is the Dutch national treatment and expertise centre for psychotrauma.

ARQ Centrum’45 diagnoses and treats people with complex psychotrauma complaints that are the result of persecution, war and violence (including violence encountered at work by, for example, police officers, care workers, public transport personnel; violence inflicted during riots, kidnappings and attacks, and sexual violence or abuse).
Trauma treatment is viewed as a coherent whole combining treatments of PTSD and other trauma-related psychological disorders from a contextual perspective.
ARQ Centrum’45 develops knowledge and expertise in the field of psychotraumatology, in conjunction with other Partners in ARQ National Psychotrauma Center, in particular as to research, knowledge transfer and innovation.

ARQ Centrum’45 aspires to be a highly qualified institute, certified as a TOP Mental Healthcare Institute and having, moreover, the status of a national and international expert.

ARQ Centrum’45 has carried the TOP Mental Healthcare Institute [TOPGGz] quality mark for both the Oegstgeest and the Diemen units since 2009.
The Top Clinical Mental Healthcare Foundation seeks to promote and facilitate top clinical mental healthcare. It does so by, among other things, awarding the TOP Mental Healthcare Institute quality mark to units that combine highly specialized patient care to a particular target group with scientific research and innovation. Top clinical mental healthcare is intended for patients with severe, complex and/or rare disorders who do not derive sufficient benefit from regular second-line care. TOP Mental Healthcare units meet stringent criteria as to specialist diagnostics and treatment, scientific research, innovation and dissemination of knowledge, and are assessed by an independent visitation committee.
Organizationally, the care offered by ARQ Centrum’45 is directed at a chain of care, whereby cooperation with other care organizations and mental healthcare institutes throughout the country is expressly sought. ARQ Centrum’45 gives shape to this cooperation within a national network of care institutions around various patient target groups (networks around World War II, veterans, police, refugees and asylum seekers).