ARQ Centrum’45 is a partner in ARQ

ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre is a group of institutes and organizations engaged on the consequences of overwhelming life events and on the specialism psychotrauma.

The partners in ARQ are specialists in their own fields, with each boasting unique experience, expertise as well as innovative power.

In the past, the specialist demand for services and care following shocking events and psychotrauma was developed and offered by a variety of organizations. ARQ Centrum’45 took upon itself the societal responsibility for ensuring enhanced cooperation in this respect and accordingly seized the initiative. This led to the establishment, in 2007, of ARQ.

In mental healthcare, ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre has meanwhile acquired the status of a national and international expert in the field of psychotrauma. Further development of expertise takes place through developing the concept of reseach tracks; here, scientific research, knowledge transfer and innovation are linked with treatment within the care group.