Client Council

Through their representatives on the Client Council patients of ARQ Centrum’45 can contribute actively to the policy-making and to the policy implementation in actual practice.

The powers of the Client Council are defined in the Wet Medezeggenschap Cliënten Zorginstellingen [Client Participation Care Institutions Act (WMCZ)] and are laid down in the Partnership Agreement between the Client Council and ARQ Centrum’45. Participation concerns in particular the general policy in matters of admittance, treatment and dismissal, policies on quality standards and the manner in which complaints are dealt with. The Client Council constitutes the link between patients and the Board of Directors of ARQ Centrum’455 in general matters. The Client Council does not mediate in matters pertaining to individual clients but it will be happy to show the correct procedures to be followed.

In order to function properly, it is not only necessary to have information 'from above'; no less necessary are signals from the grass roots, from the patients for whom the Client Council was set up. That is why the Client Council aspires to a balanced representation from the various locations and units.
For an overview of the topics and matters with which the Client Council has occupied itself over the past year, see the annual report for 2011 of the Client Council ofARQ Centrum’45 [pdf-61kB].
More information can also be found in the brochure The Client Council of ARQ Centrum’45.
The Client Council can also be contacted by email: