Complaints procedure and complaints officer

New complaints procedure
In 2017 a new law was introduced, aimed to solve a problem or complaint of a patient as early as possible. In this law is stated that an organization has to appoint a complaints officer. In 2017 ARQ Centrum’45 appointed a complaints officer.

If patients have questions or complaints or if they have doubts about their treatment, the first step is to discuss it with their therapist, the manager or the director. If a satisfactory solution is not found, the complainant can discuss the issue with the complaints officer or the patient counselor. 

How does the complaints officer work?
The complaints officer works independently and is not involved In the treatment of the complainant. She starts a first, open conversation about the problem or the complaint, and tries to solve the problem together with the complainant. If the solution is not found, she informs the complainant about the following route. She discusses with the complainant if he/she will choose for mediation of the complaint with a member of the complaints committee, or submit a complaint to the complaints committee. The complaints officer assists the complainant during the whole process. 

Patient counselor
The complainant has a choice (only for patients in the clinic!); it is also possible to contact the patient counselor.

You can reach the complaints officer:
tel. 071-5191500
postal address: Rijnzichtweg 35, 2342 AX Oegstgeest.

Consumer Complaints Boards.
ARQ Centrum ’45 is registered at the Consumer Complaints Boards.