E-mental health

E-mental health is a part of our work and is additional to our usual treatment.

ARQ Centrum’45 is using e-mental health too.

You as a patient will shortly receive from us your own secure Internet space, which is all yours and through which you will be able to communicate with Centrum ’45 and Centrum ’45 can communicate with you.
This Internet space is called Quli and also goes under the name of patient platform. It won’t be long before you can also download Quli on your Smartphone as an app.


What is Quli?

As said, Quli is an Internet application where you can go to your own, secure space using a user name and log-in code. A standard setup allows you and Centrum ’45 to exchange messages and data. It is important to know that you can customize and manage Quli exactly as you wish. On our part, we will ensure:

  • that there is an introductory file about ARQ Centrum’45 showing you the ropes and providing information on what you need to know about psychotrauma
  • that we can place information there for you that is directly relevant to your treatment
  • that we can mail you in a secure environment
  • that we can put your treatment plan or other parts of your medical file there, so you can read everything again at home, at your leisure
  • that you can periodically fill in questionnaires there from your home
  • that we can send you specific homework assignments or ask you to keep a diary to find out what effect the therapy is having
  • that you can watch short information films or can download apps that are relevant to you
  • that you can also follow on-line part-time treatments in addition to the personal contacts you have with your therapist

This list will surely be lengthened in the future but that also depends on how (much) you use Quli.

At the start of the treatment, every new patient will be shown how to use Quli by a staff member of Centrum ’45. For you to be able to use Quli we need your email address and telephone number.

If you haven’t been introduced to Quli yet and would like to know more, have a look on www.quli.nl