Treatment of Traumatic Grief

15 August 2017
Traumatische Rouw

Traumatic grief is often a part of complex psychotrauma complaints.

Characteristics of people with traumatic grief

People can be confronted with a traumatic grief, such as a sudden or violent loss of one or more beloved persons by war, a crime or another situation of violence. As a result of this the person can develop (serious) complaints. The term ‘traumatic grief’ is used for a mix of depressive and posttraumatic stress and symptoms of complicated grief following the loss of a  beloved person by violent circumstances.

Foundation Centrum ’45 offers a specialized treatment program for people with serious complaints of traumatic grief. These people have got the diagnosis posttraumatic stress disorder, and the motive and source of the complaints is characterized by traumatic grief.

The goal of the individual treatment is to decrease the psychic complaints as a result of the traumatic grief. Therefor the individual treatment program Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for Traumatic Grief (BEP-TG) has been developed. We also offer an outpatient treatment program and a  day treatment program Traumatic Grief.