Day treatment programmes

In many cases, the complexity of their complaints is such that patients presenting themselves at ARQ Centrum’45 cannot be treated in the outpatient clinic by a single psychotherapist/ clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Equally, just one treatment contact a week or once every two weeks will be insufficient for the treatment to take effect.
Patients are then assigned to the day clinic, where treatments are of a whole day’s duration, once a week.
There, treatment is not given by one therapist but by a team of therapists. Such a team may consist of a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, healthcare psychologist, nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurse, creative therapist, psychomotor therapist, social worker, sociotherapist and/or activities leader. All these therapists work closely together according to a treatment plan – drawn up together with the patient. One therapist always has final responsibility and establishes contact with the patient to decide on the treatment plan, to discuss treatment evaluations and settle upon a date by which the treatment is to be completed.

ARQ Centrum’45 offers many forms of day treatment. These are linked to certain patient groups (WW II, veterans, police officers, refugees, asylum seekers) or have been customized for particular complaints (get-a-grip-on-aggression groups, trauma and addiction group, family groups, couples groups, interpreter groups, re-integration groups, etc.).
An overview of all possible day treatments is to be found in the product catalogue. (This overview is currently in preparation.)