It is ARQ Centrum’45’s ambition to be an excellent organization, with constant quality control and providing transparently organized and measurable care.

ARQ Centrum’45 assumes that both patients and therapists are interested to know with some regularity how treatments are progressing, what may need to be adjusted and when treatments can be expected to be completed.

It is equally important to improve or update treatments on the basis of data obtained from the questionnaires (innovation).
With the experience gained from the treatments, ARQ Centrum’45 sees it as its brief to seek ways to prevent psychological complaints developing as a result of overwhelming events or to treat these at the earliest possible stage.

In order to achieve these goals ARQ Centrum’45 carries out standard measurements among all patients upon admission while every six months repeat measurements are made among patients who are already receiving treatment. Moreover, scientific investigations are regularly conducted whereby additional measurements are often performed.
All these measurements and investigations serve just one purpose: that the patients concerned or future patients may benefit from them.

All data derived from research or measurements are processed anonymously only, in other words, they cannot be traced to the patient him/herself. At the start of their treatment patients are given an opportunity to raise any objections to their anonymized data being used for research purposes. With very specific investigations the patient is again asked separately for his permission.

Patients are entitled to inspect the reports that are made on the basis of the periodical measurements, just as they are entitled to inspect the periodical treatment evaluations that are drawn up by means of these reports.

ARQ Centrum’45 uses various questionnaires that patients fill in during treatment. These roughly map the following: general psychological complaints, nature and consequences of experienced critical incidents, posttraumatic stress reactions, manner of coping with the psychological complaints, well-being and perspectives, and satisfaction with the treatment.

Instruments published by ARQ Centrum’45​
We publish different resources and instruments that are relevant for trauma research and the psychological evaluation of people with (complex) psychotrauma symptoms as a result of experiencing shocking events.
Website: http://www.psychotraumadiagnostics.centrum45.nl/en

It is important that only experts use these instruments in order to ensure the integrity of the person who administers them. For this reason, we ask users (administrators) of the questionnaires to register with us. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail stating your user name and password. These can be used to log in to the instruments and additional documentation in Adobe Acrobat Reader (*.pdf) format.