Information for Referrers

ARQ Centrum’45 treats people suffering from complex psychotrauma complaints. These comprise a combination of several disorders, brought about by repeated and/or prolonged traumatization.

Complaints include: posttraumatic stress complaints, anxiety disorders, depressive complaints, somatoform disorders or disturbances in personality development. Further, there are typically problems at work, in the family and/or the social environment. The complaints are presumably connected with the shocking experiences undergone during persecution, in war or during acts of (sexual) violence. Those experiences may be the client’s own or those of a parent, a partner or another family member.

ARQ Centrum’45 treats patients in its clinic as well as in its day and outpatient clinic. Treatment is individual-oriented, with both group therapies (both in the day clinic and in the outpatient clinic) and family therapy. Families (refugees and veterans) can be treated either in the outpatient or the day clinic but family therapy in the clinic is likewise a possibility.

The living conditions of the client need to be such that they will enable an effective treatment of the consequences of the traumatization.

It is important when receiving ambulatory treatment that the client has a home environment or a social network that can lend support. When receiving treatment in the clinic or day clinic it is important that the client is prepared and willing to share his experiences with fellow clients and has the ability to function within a group.

The following contraindications for treatment apply:

  • Serious behavioural disorders;
  • Impossibility to make arrangements due to alcoholism or drug dependence and suicidality;
  • Organic cerebral disorders;
  • Psychotic disorders or risk of severe psychotic decompensation during psychotherapy;
  • Serious eating disorders.

Working with interpreters:

ARQ Centrum’45 also treats patients who do not speak Dutch and for whom, therefore, an interpreter needs to be called in.

Registration and Information Office

Please direct your questions about treatments offered by ARQ Centrum’45 at the Registration and Information Office.