Job-related problems

As they carry out their professional duties, people can be confronted with shocking experiences. As a result, they may develop (serious) complaints.

Features of this group

Especially care workers – such as firefighters, ambulance personnel and police officers – may develop complaints because of the nature of their work. With people in this group, their resilience can decrease so much that complaints may arise in various areas of life.

If regular treatment is insufficiently effective, more specialized treatment may be more appropriate. ARQ Centrum’45 offers specialist treatment to people with serious job-related complaints. Some professions do not have their own occupational healthcare provisions, so GPs tend to refer directly to ARQ Centrum’45.

Set-up of the trauma treatment
The treatment focuses attention on enhancing resilience. For instance, by altering daily routines or by restoring social relations. The physical consequences of resilience loss are also addressed. It is important to learn to feel again when your body is tense or overburdened; if it is, ways are sought to relax again. In addition, you will be given trauma treatment. Partners are always involved in the treatments.

Usually, treatment is on an individual basis. More information about our outpatient clinic for job-related complaints. [ pdf-51kB]

(Ex-)police officers are offered day treatment in groups in Oegstgeest. This treatment aims to enhance police officers’ resilience. More information in the brochure Veerkracht versterken [Enhancing Resilience].