Privacy Patients

When you register with ARQ Centrum’45 for help, you are entitled to a strictly confidential handling of your particulars and to the protection of your personal privacy.

Employees of ARQ Centrum’45 have a duty of professional confidentiality. Thus, no information about you will be disclosed to third parties without your prior written permission. However, your family doctor or referrer will be informed on your trauma treatment unless you raise objections.
Employees of ARQ Centrum’45may be expected to put in all the professional effort required for your treatment. Acting professionally also entails the creation and keeping of a personal file detailing your treatment.
You are at all times entitled to inspect your registered personal details. At your request we can provide you with parts of the medical file, whereby you will be charged copying costs.
Trauma treatment at ARQ Centrum’45 is on a voluntary basis. At any time during your treatment you are free to terminate it. However, you should do so in consultation with your therapist.
Our brochure 'Want to know where you stand?' will tell you everything about the rights, rules and procedures you (might) encounter during your treatment at ARQ Centrum’45.