Survivors of World War II

Features of this group
This group comprises members of the resistance, victims of persecution and civilian war casualties who suffer from psychological complaints resulting from their traumatic experiences during the German occupation of the Netherlands or the Japanese occupation of the Netherlands East Indies or during the Bersiap period there.

Their partners or other members of their family may also become involved in the trauma treatment, even if they themselves do not belong to any of the categories mentioned here.
Quite a few were still very young at the time of the Second World War, which is why their traumatization may have had a decisive influence on the development of their personality. Many   survivors found it very hard to resume their lives after the war.
Many did not develop complaints until they were at a more advanced age, and often did so following an overwhelming event in their lives, such as the death of a partner or their retirement.
Concise care programme Survivors Second World War
ARQ Centrum’45 treats people on the basis of care programmes. Among other things, these programmes define extensively the general features of a specific target group, the (possible) nature of the psychological complaints and the ways in which treatment goals can be achieved. With every target group you will find a concise version of the care programme [pdf-439kB].
More information is to be found in the brochure Older adults with traumatic experiences

  • Personal stories
    "I was barely 18 at the outbreak of the Second World War. In my time as a navy man I belonged to a macho world. You didn’t talk about the nerve-racking work and the fear you felt: those were different times. You didn’t think much about it and just did what you had to do. It wasn’t until 1995 that I started treatment in the day clinic of ARQ Centrum’45. I knew that something had to happen. I was sceptical of the therapists, but once you start talking with each other they turn out to be pretty knowledgeable.What I have learnt? To appreciate myself and others. I have become more flexible and more talkative. I have not quite finished yet with a few things, which is why I sometimes pop back to ARQ Centrum’45 – to dot my i’s and cross my ts. It is like a haven where they patch you up for the next voyage."