Treatment costs

From 1 January 2022, treatments in mental health care (MHC) for patients older than 18 years will be paid according to the Care Performance Model (CPM). This is a different funding based on care performance and no longer based on care trajectories in the diagnosis-treatment combination model (DTC). This is a national change.

It has been agreed in the CPM how the practitioner should charge your treatment and how the invoice should be paid. More information about this can be found in this brochure of the national CPM programme. In particular, a few things will change with regard to the invoice of your health insurer. This does not run through ARQ, but we would like to bring this to your attention in advance so that you are well informed.

Changes from 1 January 2022:

  • Your treatment invoice, which you receive through your health insurer, will look different. It will be clearer.
  • Your invoice will now state your type of care demand. This is unofficially also known as your burden of care. This will be regularly monitored and discussed with you during your treatment and your treatment goals will be based on this.
  • The duration of the treatment contacts on the invoice may differ slightly from the actual duration, because ARQ Centrum'45 works with the principle of planning = realization. This ensures that our care practitioners need to spend less time on administration and more on your care.
  • The health insurer will invoice monthly from mid-2022. Would you like to make a payment arrangement with your health insurer? Please contact your health insurer.
  • The health insurer's deductible for your MHC treatment is settled annually per calendar year, as is the case with most care that falls under the basic insurance. 


Should you have any questions regarding the implementation the Care Performance Model at ARQ, email them to