Undocumented migrants

Since 2014 we have had an outpatient clinic that focuses specifically on undocumented migrants with post-traumatic stress disorder who cannot claim basic services.

The clinic is characterized by a responsible and well-defined care process, cooperation with the Amsterdam GGz, and close coordination with other organizations and bodies involved in the target group. The treatment program is saggravated to the specific social situation of the target group.

The aim of the treatment is, of course, to reduce mental complaints and increase resilience. The specific aim of this target group is to enable patients to better shape their future in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world on their own. One of the innovative elements of the treatment model is that, in principle, trauma-oriented psychotherapy is offered to all patients, regardless of the unfavorable social situation.

The applicability and effectiveness of the treatment model are scientifically investigated. More information can be found in the brochure: Expertise Team Undocumented Migrants and Psychotrauma (EOP).