Youth and Family

Complex psychotrauma complaints do not only have consequences for the stricken individuals themselves but definitely also for those closest to them.

Consequences of violence for relationships and families

Family members experience at first hand the consequences that the complaints of parents and/or children have. At the same time, family members are the most important sources of support for someone who has been struck by violence. Practice has shown that it is crucial to involve an individual client’s family directly in the treatment; often because several family members are in need of help but also in order to prevent divorce, to avert the placement of children in (temporary) custody and prevent frustration and powerlessness from escalating. Family therapy aims to improve and strengthen relationships, increase the pleasure of being a part of the family and improve the distribution of household chores so that every family member has a chance to fulfil their own growth tasks.

Family therapy

ARQ Centrum’45 has treatments for both children and families, in the outpatient and the day clinics, and in the clinic. But you can also come to us for diagnostic tests. We make use of systemic methods and interventions, we also give trauma-oriented therapies with both adults and children and we have good experiences treating multifamily groups (Multifamily therapy, MFT – in particular in the (day)clinic).

Youth Care Act and Transition
The new Dutch Youth Care Act and the transition of all care provisions for children, young people and families to come under the responsibility of municipalities will bring about considerable changes. Our programme seeks to support the professionals engaged in care work with young people and families and working in the municipalities. ARQ Centrum’45 can offer training and support as to content to professionals wishing to find out more about the diagnostics and treatment of families in the aftermath of psychotrauma.

We are also pleased to offer our activities in your work environment – in part, we also perform outreach work.